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a.) this includes topics relating from gambling to explicit adult wording, images & links.

7. Any topsites found to contain mature content, including submitted member sites maybe deleted without warning so we are being urged to review all sites we have approved & to actively monitor our topsites. So if your intent is to share unpleasant websites, please be assured that it will be taken out.

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Anime Techno Videos

Updated often. Cute anime pictures and soon video clips with techno music.

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Vintage Stitching
NR 3 180
On our site you will find many vintage sewing patterns that are hard to find or have been discontinued. We have patterns for a wide variety of styles including Swing Dance Dresses, Rockabilly Full Skirted Dresses, Prom Dresses, Hats, Hip Huggers, Bell Bot Comments
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joelavila's Webpage
NR 3 238
Personal Comments
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free joinng, free webhosting + $5 for each free reffering people
NR 2 196
free joing earn $5 for each free reffering
Register now and get it all free:
*** 1500 MB of disk space
*** 100 GB of data transfer
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Margies Fine Boutique
NR 2 148
Savings Deep Discounts on womens clothing like lingerie, blouse, tops, skirts, swimsuits and accessories. Comments
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NR 2 159
I sell the latest designer and High Street Ladies Fashion Wear, Shoes and Accessories for very competitive prices. Straight of the catwalk into your wardrobe. Comments
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Princess Diana's England's Rose Shoppes
NR 2 186

Celebration of Princess Diana Shoppes. Also, Christian Shoppes celebrating Jesus the Christ.
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The Style Isle
NR 2 222
Looking high and low for a bargain?
The Style Isle has a variety of items to suit
your needs! Drop anchor and visit us today!
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NR 2 147
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iPhone ps3 xbox 360 almost free
NR 2 179

My site explains the world of freebie hunting .It`s whole new world of marketing where big company's like love film , coral , gala plus loads more. The freebie sites offer things like iPhones ps3`s and so on to people who sign up to the sites . Once signe
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Barefoot Angel's Jewelry
NR 2 188

Fun and unique handcrafted jewelry and more for all ages. Free jewelry giveaway monthly!
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